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VuREX VDW DID Video Walls possess all the excellent DID technology, multiple image processing technology, signal switching technology. VuREX VDW DID Video Walls are suitable for a wide range of applications: Retail stores(Restaurants, Cinemas and Theaters), Public Venues(Airports, Railway Stations, Shopping Malls), as well as Entertainment and Events(Tradeshows, Conference Centers).
40VDW (40”) DID Video Wall
46VDW (46”) DID Video Wall
46VDWS (46”) DID Video Wall
55VDW (55”) DID Video Wall
55VDWS (55”) DID Video Wall
65VDW (65”) DID Video Wall
70VDW (55”) DID Video Wall
DID Video Wall
World Slimest Bezel Size : 5.5mm (Two Sides - 55VDWS)
Ideal for Digital Signage Application
- Spread Single image across multiple monitors using Single video source
- Perfectly Integrated with VuREX DID Manager
- Remotely Controlled via TCP/IP network
- RS-232C In & Out for Controlling the Monitors via Server / PC Flexibility
- Vertical / Horizontal Display
- Configure up to a 10 x 10
- Various types of Mount Kits are available (Wall, Stand, Stand alone, Ceiling, Scissor)