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VuREX VED series Security CCTV Monitors with LED BLU (backlight unit) benefit from intelligent color corrective technology with a mercury-free WLED back-light that automatically detects image signal and intelligently controls backlight brightness for blacker blacks, purer whites and more clearly defined grays.
In the long term the Security LED CCTV Monitor will benefit exceptional savings of up to 40% of energy costs.
The Security CCTV Monitor is available in 18.5", 21", or 23", or 42" Models.
18VED (18.5”) Security CCTV Monitor
21VED (21.5”) Security CCTV Monitor
23VED (23”) Security CCTV Monitor
42VED (42”) Security CCTV Monitor
Security CCTV Monitor
Security CCTV Monitor Security CCTV Monitor
· 18.5” / 21” / 23” / 42"
· High Resolution
· Wide Viewing Area (H/V)
· Clear Contrast Ratio
· Fast Response Time
· Eco-Friendly Design
· Low Power Consumption
· Multi Display Function: PIP / PBP / VOV (Video on Video)
· BNC, S-Video, VGA, Component , DVI-D, HDMI, Audio, PC Stereo
· 3D Comb Filter, Deinterlacing Trigger Source Switching, Noise Reduction, Auto Source
· Sequencing Multi Language